The team also engages in real estate education and tries to establish student exchange between IREBS and real estate departments at universities in Africa and inform our IREBS students on real estate markets and investment opportunities in Africa. The education results are twofold.

A partnership agreement between SRES at Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam, and IREBS at Regensburg University is already in place. Several IREBS students spend or have spent one semester at Ardhi University and we wait for African students to arrive. In addition, Dr. Moses Kusiluka and Dr. Sophia Kongela did their PhD research at IREBS in Regensburg.

AfRER has organized the seminar "Doing Real Estate Business in Africa" for IREBS students of the "Master of Science in Real Estate" programme in the 2013/2014 winter term. This seminar was the first ever offered at a university outside Africa. The main focus was on the countries Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Tanzania. Since then, the seminar runs every second year. In between, an "African Real Estate Day" with great speakers takes places. The seminar has run in the winter terms.

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AfRER looks for education and research partners in Africa.