We believe in handshakes

Our goal is to support and fund African researchers and institutions in the field of real estate.

Our Mission

Africa has unjustly and sadly been declared The Forgotten Continent. This also holds true for all real estate related issues. Our purpose is thus to countervail this obvious afro-pessimistic treatment, as we regard Africa to be up-and-coming, highly potential and beautiful.

Our goal is not only to shed light into Africa’s real estate black box, but especially to support motivated and talented African researchers and institutions in form of funding and the provision of an adequate research infrastructure.

We put strong emphasis on the exchange of practical experience and theoretical knowledge between African and European real estate students, professionals and institutions.

We believe in handshakes.


The IREBS International Real Estate Business School is an integral part of the faculty of Business Economics and information systems at the University of Regensburg. With its broad range of educational programs in Real Estate, IREBS is one of the largest institutions in Europe and worldwide.

The African Real Estate Research Center (AfRER) is a competence center at the IREBS International Research Business School. IREBS and AfRER were established by Prof Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte HonRICS

Visiting Professor for African Real Estate is
Dr. Moses Kusiluka

We regard IREBS and AfRER to be the basis from which we lead our operations and proviede Frican researchers with an exceptional academic environment and infrastructure.


$150 homes based on ancient African technologies could help fighting climate change, CNN reports.
Successful academic and industry event in Honor of Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte HonRICS CRE.